6 Reasons Why You Should Be A Macro Photographer

I’m primarily a macro photographer. And I’ve noticed certain characteristics of macro photography that make it distinct from other photographic genres. These might not be obvious to the newcomer, but can be significant in the long run. So I’ve compiled a list: six reasons why you should be a macro photographer.

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Composing With Symmetry

Dahlias are extremely photogenic flowers, so I photograph them every chance I get. Their colors, their symmetry, the shape of their petals, it all makes for gorgeous images.

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Flower Photography At Sunset

My favorite time to photograph flowers is late evening. I try to get to my site as the sun touches the horizon. I shoot until the sun is gone and the cool blues of twilight have taken over.

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Daisies, Daisies Everywhere

The summer heat is really taking its toll here in Ann Arbor. Grass wilting, flowers wilting, people wilting too…There’s a patch of daisies at the front of my neighborhood, and I headed down just before sunset for some of that incredible evening light.

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Early July flowers

The other day I stopped over at one of my favorite places to photograph flowers in Ann Arbor: the Produce Station. They always have something good to photograph (not to mention the heavenly smells!).

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